Who we are

Who we are

Seba & That Guy is more than just a weird name. Pronounced “Say-Bah”, Seba is short for Sebastian Zaldibar on vocals and guitar. The “That Guy” portion is entirely intentional. Whenever people see a guy playing drums and keyboard bass at the same time, they ask the inevitable: “Who’s That Guy playing all of those instruments at once?” Matt Sparks graces the stage with the impeccable ability of coordinating the use of several instrumental parts simultaneously, which generally freaks people out and gets anybody with a cell phone camera hitting the record button. When you combine the two, we do what we love to do best: Play our renditions of some of our favorite songs, and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger.


Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Matt has been a drummer since he was a tiny little five year-old. He grew up playing in church where, by the age of 10, he became a full-time drummer. He transitioned into professional drumming at the age of 20. He may or may not have a problem with purchasing excessive amounts of gear, yet he still manages to be happily married, is addicted to golf and to fine cooking.


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sebastian saw his musical beginnings in acapella vocal music and piano back in the 90s. It wasn’t until the age of 28 when he bought a cheap guitar, went on Google and typed: “How to play guitar.” Apparently it worked. When he’s not on stage, he loves spending time with his way better half, obsessing over the sport of road cycling, Gretsch guitars, the Beatles and yerba mate tea.